Lagi blog walking, nemu ini :

His Love Voucher
The Remarkable Term & Conditions.
Kalo ga terlalu jelas, ini term & condition yang tertera di belakang Love Voucher nya:

1. This voucher have unlimited amount, the same amount as my love to you.

2. This voucher have no expire date like my commitment to you until the rest of my life.

3. This voucher is applicable for all conditions and situation, just like my promise for always be there for you in sick or health, rich or poor, happyor sad, basically all condition.

4. This voucher represent my love to you, so don’t be surprised when i say istill got a millions of huge containers full of vouchers for you.



Jadi keidean kalo uda punya suami mau nodong yang beginian ahh, hehehe,,,

(*wahai calon suami, bacalah ini :p)

source pictures from here


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