butterfly fly away

setelah mumunda yang dipublikasikan dan dibikinin postingan, giliran bapake sekarang. meskipun kurang merepresentasikan real worldnya (berasaa belajar SBD ama SIG 1-2,hahaha), tiap lagu ini dipainkan otomatis inget bapake, yg meskipun kadang bawel banget, tapi tetep ngangenin. enjoy the lyrics..


you tucked me in turned out the light

kept me save and sound at nite

little girls depend on things like that


brushed my teeth and combed my hair

had to drive me everywhere

you were always there when i looked back


you had to do it all alone

make a living make a home

must have been as hard as it could be

and when i couldn’t sleep at nite

scared things wouldn’t turn out right

you would hold my hand and sing to me


caterpillar in the tree

how you wonder who you’ll be

can’t go far but you can always dream

wish you may and wish you might

don’t you worry hold on tight

i promise you there will come a day

butterfly fly away


by : Miley Cyrus


nb: paling enak dinyanyiken diiringin gitar trus nyanyinya duwet. sayang bapake gabisa maen gitar, bisanya maen suling. mudah2an pake suling juga enakeun..


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